How to stay calm? 10 Mental Strategies for Difficult Times

How to stay calm under pressure How does your brain respond in times of crisis? How do you deal with those situations that cause you stress? A fight with your partner, the traffic jam on the way to work, the argument with your boss, your child’s tantrum, the contempt of your partner, the supermarket queue, etc … Sometimes we face a difficult or conflictive situation in which it is very difficult to maintain serenity. Surely you have ever lived that difficult moment in which your emotional control overflows, you lose your nerves and you are totally unable to make a wise decision. It may even be that if someone has taken you out of your boxes you explode and you just want to scream and vent your fury on that person who exasperates you.

This article is about that: How to deal with conflictive situations in which everything seems to go wrong, and be able to stay calm in difficult moments. Mairena Vázquez, psychologist, gives you 10 these tips and mental techniques that will help you maintain serenity in any situation

“The important thing is not what happens to you, but how you face it” (Joan Manuel Serrat) Keep calm

We lead a frenetic pace of life and almost daily we are forced to breathe and count to 10 before performing an inappropriate action. Many people live stressed either because they have to study, work, support a home and a family, earn enough money to make ends meet, family problems,…

There are days when it seems that everything goes wrong, it seems that the problems rain down on us and we think “Why me?”. This is where we must remain calm. But what do I mean by that?

To remain calm is to remain calm, calm in any situation. It is to maintain a state of patience, tranquility, serenity, optimism,… especially in those situations where it seems that we feel more overwhelmed because it seems to us that we are not able to control the situation.

Tension, nerves and all the negative consequences derived from not knowing how to stay calm accumulate in our body and can cause us different health problems. The body speaks when the mind is silent.

For all this, it is important and at the same time advisable, to know how to remain calm to be able to face any situation in the best possible way.

Why it’s important to stay calm. 10 ways to stay calm. 10 Ways to Stay Calm in Any Situation

The way in which we are able to act in the face of situations that generate stress or discomfort is fundamental. We agree that it is not easy or simple to stay calm when we are nervous or under pressure, so here are 10 ways to learn how to stay calm.

When we get upset, our body sends us signals and we notice that the pulse accelerates, the body temperature increases, we raise the volume of voice, some muscles begin to become tense,… It is at this time when we must take into account the following points to remain calm: 1. Identify the warning signs

First of all, you should try to be alert to the signals that the body sends us in situations of tension and stress. It is important that you know how to identify how your body reacts in those circumstances to learn to stay calm in later moments.

If you think you are able to stop the situation, you will stop the situation and you can stay calm. If you are able to control your head, more than half of the battle is won.

How to stay calm? Trust yourself and your chances to achieve anything you set your mind to. He thinks that “there is no evil that lasts 100 years or body that endures it” and that “after the storm, calm always comes.” Stay calm and above all do not panic. Whatever the situation that generates tension, discomfort, worry,… it’s not going to last forever and you’re able to get through it.

Learn to stop thinking negative and forget about thoughts like “it’s impossible, I can’t with so much work” since the only thing you will get with them is to increase your stress and make the situation more complicated. Try to see the positive side of things. 2. Breathe and count to 10

“1-2-3-4-5….9-10.” Believe me when I tell you that it is preferable that you take your time to count numbers (either up to 10 or up to 100) until you relax. This way you avoid saying or doing anything that you can later regret while calming the nervous system.

How to stay calm? Train slow and deep breathing when you feel comfortable and calm, so that in complicated situations and when you are nervous, you are able to do it automatically. Breathe in, hold the air for 5 seconds and expel it slowly. Watch as your body stops being tense.

Imagine that it is one of those days when it seems that your boss throws the anger at you for everything…. Count to 10, breathe slowly and deeply. When you have relaxed, your mind will have cleared up and you will be able to see everything from another perspective. You will no longer think “I hate my boss with all my strength!” but “Poor my boss, one bad day we have anyone!” 3. Dissociate yourself for a moment from the situation

When we find ourselves in a situation that generates discomfort or nerves and we need to stay calm, a good option is to get away from the situation and try to get fresh air. If you can also take advantage of a ray of sun, it will help you even more to maintain serenity.

Another option whenever possible is to wash your face with cold water to make your heart rate slow. This will help you calm down.

You can also use objects to release tension such as anti-stress balls. They are balls that fit in the hand and that their main objective is to relieve our tensions by crushing it. It helps us release the adrenaline that accumulates in times of tension while making our mood better.

We cannot forget the benefits we can get with music when we are stressed.  Fight stress by listening to music. 4. Disconnect your brain, think about something else

When you are in tension and want to stay calm… Have you tried to think of images that relax you? What are the landscapes that inspire you with the most sense of peace and tranquility? Maybe if you think about the sea, the sound of the waves, the breeze that comes to you,… it’s easier for you to stay calm.

Try to think of anything other than the problem, you have thousands of options: Think about your next vacation, connect to the internet, visualize a landscape, read that book you like so much, try to remember that funny situation you lived recently,…

Each person is a world and therefore, not all people are relaxed the same. Take your time to know and when you are aware of what works best for you, you will only have to visualize it in your moments of tension.

10 ways to stay calm. Think of images that relax you. 5. Analyze your situation objectively

When you see that you can no longer with that situation that gives you so much anger and so much stress generates you, when you feel that you are going to explode, when you try by all means to remain calm but you can not,… be objective.

Imagine the situation you are living as if you were not inside it and the protagonist was someone else. How would you see it? Would you see it the same way? If the protagonist of that story asked you for advice, what would you say? Surely if you do not take into account the emotional implications, you are able to act in a different and better way.

You can also raise the situation with someone you trust to help you consider the consequences of a certain decision and choose the most appropriate alternative. A person outside the problem will help you stay calm and tell you their objective point of view from an external position. A person outside the problem may be able to see solutions that you yourself cannot see. 6. Taking care of your diet can help you control your nerves

Eating healthy is important in all of us as food influences both our body and our mood. Find out how what we eat affects the brain.

There are people who, in order to remain calm, drink a coffee or smoke a cigarette because they think that this produces calm and tranquility. This is always a mistake. Find out how to quit smoking.


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