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It coincides with the winter solstice. It enters the sign on December 21 and stays until January 19. It is a life path of responsibility to be able to exercise a position of authority and realization of one’s vocation and profession.

People with the Moon in Pisces show in their character, emotional nature, primary reactions and also in their outward appearance many of the traits of Pisces. This is one of the strongest positions on the Moon. Here it greatly enhances sensitivity, intuition, inspiration and aesthetic sense. Imagination acquires great creative power in these people and they have latent psychic and medium tendencies. Sometimes their dreams can be transformed into prophetic visions. They are often like sponges, instinctively capturing the moods and mental states of the people around them, so in some cases they can be excellent mediums and seers. Subject to great emotional ups and downs, they go from blind optimism to the deepest despondency. It is one of the best positions for art in any of its facets, and equally to climb the highest spiritual peaks, in this sense they can become true initiates or mystics. There is in these natives an aspiration to the infinite. But it is a negative position for practical life, since it can favor neurotic emotional states, inhibitions and give great susceptibility. They tend to have great emotional ups and downs, but they are also extremely kind, altruistic, benevolent, philanthropic, capable of renunciation and sacrifice for an ideal, of giving themselves to a life of service to their fellowmen. They feel an innate sympathy for the weakest or most disadvantaged, although there is also a danger that they will fall into masochistic attitudes or self-pity. When that immense sensitivity is not channeled well, these natives can self-destruct, abandon themselves to drinking, drugs or any other kind of dependence. One way or another they always try to escape from this world.

In this Saturnian sign, Mercury provides a powerful mind, with great power of concentration and a longing to delve intellectually and get to the bottom of things. A methodical and orderly intellect, favorable for the cultivation of science and mathematics. These natives apply the knowledge acquired with rigor, seriousness, order and method, and based on experience, but they are not very original and creative. They are mindsets that give their best in practical and concrete matters, making it an ideal position for an architect or an engineer. They also have the facility to put their intellectual faculties at the service of an ambition, making it an equally ideal position for politicians and senior executives. They are very serious and meticulous people, introverted and uncommunicative. They tend to be deeply rational, sensible, realistic and with their feet well supported on the ground, leaving no room for hunches or intuition. They are always based on concrete realities, so they also tend to distance themselves or be suspicious of ideals. These people are excellent organizers and administrators and stand out for their great patience and discipline. When Mercury is afflicted, it produces a tendency to pessimism, a suspicious mind, or a greedy character. They can also hinder expression or communication, either orally or in writing.

In the home of Jupiter, Venus favors attractiveness and success in sentimental matters, however it does not promote stability, since this is a dual sign, which predisposes to changes and plurality, and favors multiple love adventures and numerous social and friendship relationships. These natives are really charming: jovial, optimistic, cheerful, effusive and demonstrative, but at the same time they are also extremely independent, and value freedom above all else, so trying to tie them up is the biggest mistake that can be made. They love to travel and meet people, turning their existence into a great adventure. As a manifestation of the duality of the sign, these people have a deeply sensual and loving side of all kinds of pleasures, but also another very idealistic and full of high dreams and aspirations. They are like a Don Quixote who searches for his wonderful Dulcinea, and in the meantime he gives himself to continuous adventures. The same regent of the sign, Jupiter, was a seducer in classical mythology, famous for his numerous love lances. These natives have a hopeful and optimistic vision of life and the human being, so they give themselves unreservedly to the full realization of their emotional and sexual impulses, which they live and feel as something totally natural and good. They are frank and honest in their feelings and are animated by the best intentions, so they cannot stand misgivings or mistrust.

Here there is a total lack of harmony between the sign and the planet, although that is not an obstacle for us to find in this position eminent characters, such as Michelangelo, Carlos III of Spain, General Espartero, Konrad Adenauer, Alcalá Zamora, Aristotle Onassis, Helmut Kohl, Hosni Mubarak, Bettino Craxi, Rodrigo Rato or Juan Carlos I, as happens when Mars is in other unrelated signs such as Taurus,Cancer or Libra. These natives commit their will and energies to such gigantic and unconscionable undertakings that action can become diffuse and result in confusion or marasmus. We find here people like Don Quixote. In general they have high ideals and a tendency to fight for others, although we will also find other people who fight for secret or unclear objectives. In many cases, aggressiveness tends to be denied or repressed, causing secret resentments that are externalized in the form of emotional conflicts and psychosomatic illnesses. In the most extreme cases, these natives can give up the struggle and take refuge in solitude or deploy great energies in the struggle to achieve unreal things, which do not meet the needs of worldly life. They run the risk of suffering fears and phobias, also in the sexual field. It is a position that favors success for those who work in prisons, hospitals or similar institutions. Afflicted Mars, it can cause a tendency to drink or drugs or accidents related to liquids and gases such as anesthetics, poisons or intoxications, as well as having secret enemies, scandals or receiving false accusations.

Jupiter in Pisces is dignified, as he is in his own home, but at the same time also spiritualized in the sign of compassion and devotion. In this position the best qualities of Pisces are externalized. It fosters a great idealism and a deep desire to help or be useful to the helpless and needy, an extremely compassionate and benevolent nature, which often finds happiness and bliss more in the spiritual realm than in the material one. These natives have a sincere and great interest in helping their fellowmen, and do not mind enduring all kinds of criticism or attacks if it is for a just cause. Despite being a sign so linked to “giving” or spiritual values, in this position however, the most beneficial of the planets is greatly enhanced and provides luck, or helps to obtain success or fame – Leonardo da Vinci, Charles V, Cervantes, Kepler, Newton, Goethe, Napoleon III, Abraham Lincoln, Stalin,Manuel Azaña, Carrero Blanco, Augusto Pinochet, Frank Sinatra, Tom Cruise-. These people often struggle to face reality and keep their feet on the ground, and they tend to get lost in wonderful soils or, in other cases, also of personal glory. They will give their best and will be favored by luck when they orient their lives to a spiritual, artistic or social ideal. The most important thing for them is not success or money but having an ideal that gives meaning to their lives. They are deeply interested in occultism and mysticism and remain optimistic or hopeful even in the most difficult times.


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