5 tips to maintain a correct posture at work

It is very easy to notice when someone is not in the correct posture in their office chair. It is enough to take a look at a bad posture to realize that it must be corrected. It becomes much more difficult when you have to identify those bad postures in yourself. At least until the painful muscle contractures and back pains arrive. By then, we have already hurt ourselves. Although at one moment we think of correcting the position, the next second our brain has already deactivated this function. And there goes our back, curling up, shrugging, with our bellies out. But this is not an inevitable evil and there are 5 things to do to maintain a correct posture at work. Adapt your workplace

Supporting the arms and elbows is ideal. If you only rest your wrists on the desk you will be in a forced and bad posture, increasing the tension in the shoulders. Similarly, having a chair that offers lumbar and back support is the right option. Try to keep your back flat at all times. It helps in weight distribution and ensures that you don’t crouch down and stay with a crooked back staring at the screen. Still in a sitting position, try to keep your eyes at screen level. Use brackets to raise the monitors if necessary. Your legs should be at a 90º angle, so if you need to raise your feet, get a base that allows you to climb and have your knees at hip height.

The lifting tables, which allow you to work standing up, are a good option, since they allow you to change your posture and alternate throughout the day, creating more dynamism. If you do not have this solution in your office, there may be a higher closet that allows you to have this mobility in a stable way. Research your surroundings and adapt it to make it as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. Take advantage of any movement opportunity

Are you going to have a coffee? Go upstairs and leave the elevator. Are you going to the bathroom? Take the opportunity to make some jumps in the mirror. If you’re in the crowd, do some stretching and leave the workout for your time at Urban Sports Club. Don’t want coffee or need to go to the bathroom? Drink a cup of hot water, it doesn’t even have to be tea. You will hydrate and make you have to get up to get it. Enjoy. Try to move as much as possible, since one of the biggest enemies of a healthy body is a sedentary lifestyle. Work in pause mode

If breaks help you, breaks are also valid when you continue working. Even if you can’t stop working altogether, take breaks in the type of work you do. If you have a lot of meetings, try to make sure you can listen or debate while standing and walking around the room. This way, you’ll reduce the number of minutes you spend sitting in a chair, and every time we add movement to the day, we do something positive for ourselves. If you have to call on the phone, try to do so while walking, even in circles. If you spend many hours in front of the screen, try a raised table, as we mentioned above, that makes you change your posture. You can also look for an alternative place that allows you to work comfortably standing up. Relaxing self-massage

Learn shoulder and trapeze self-massage techniques that can be relaxing and help decompress muscles until you book your next massage with Urban Sports Club. Although at work it is not convenient to use oils and aromatic candles, surely no one will take it badly if you have a small ball or roller that you can place between your back and the chair. It makes circular movements that will cause the pressure of the ball to help undo some of the tension knots. Once you have relaxed your muscles, it will be easier to align your posture to maintain a more correct position. Stretch and breathe

If you’re under a high level of stress, your muscles will contract more naturally. This will result in back, shoulder, neck and lumbar pain. To cut this cycle of discomfort, pause to breathe, calmly and deeply. Even if you’re still in your chair, alternately raise your arms to the ceiling and drop your hand behind your back. Then, with the opposite hand, pull the elbow to the ground to stretch. Raise your elbows to shoulder height and turn your torso to both sides. To stretch the tendons in your arms, put your palms together and turn them, pointing your fingers at your chest, and keep stretching your arms trying to keep your palms together.

All rotational movements of the neck, lateral, forward and backward, should be done slowly and controlled and always balanced, if you do it to one side repeat it to the other. Lower your chin to your chest and let the back of your head fall back. Keeping your back straight, rest one ear on your shoulder (you can even increase the pressure by helping your head down by pulling your hand at the top of your head).

All of these suggestions can provide immediate relief from the discomfort and pain that poor posture at work can cause. Use them as the foundation of a healthier lifestyle at work and enjoy the benefits of combining them with an exercise and wellness plan that only your Urban Sports Club subscription can offer you. More than 50 sports and wellness activities await you after work, before you enter or even at lunchtime, to help you maintain a correct posture, wherever you are.

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