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Health education must be initiated in children from an early age with this we will get children aware of acquiring healthy habits that are important for their development. It is necessary for children to quickly and properly understand this issue so that they take care of their diet, hygiene and physical activity.

Because childhood is a stage in which children are very curious, they make this the ideal time to start teaching health-related topics within the classroom, for this reason, we will recommend some health activities for primary school children. Health activities that can be put into practice within the classroom

As we had already mentioned, educating children in healthy habits is very important, as it is an excellent preventive measure it is necessary to include this issue within the learning process of all children and the best way to do it is with the realization of fun activities: First activity: Mimicry of physical activities

For the development of the activity you will need a blackboard or cardboard in which you elaborate a pyramid where physical activities, habits and healthy foods are included according to their importance. These are the steps to follow to perform the activity:Children should be placed in groups of at least four people, each of these groups should be placed on one side of the classroom.Then they must start the shifts and in each one a different companion will come out, that companion will be asked by the teacher to represent with mime a physical activity, a habit or a food. The first group that guesses the mimicry will win a point and must mark in the pyramid the habit that was represented.The team that manages to accumulate the number of points that have been determined by the teacher before starting the activity will win.

What is achieved with this activity?

With this activity for primary school children you can review everything learned in class about healthy habits, physical activity and food. It will also allow them to use their body as a means of communication, developing body expression and creativity. Second Activity: Healthy Dominoes

To carry out this activity you will need the following materials:Pen.Domino.ScissorsColorsFood pyramid (This must be prepared in class with the help of students).

To start the teacher must select groups of 3 or 4 students, each of these groups must be given a sheet in which there are 24 blank cards where they must paint food. The card must have on one side the name of some food and on the other something that is characteristic of it, such as the color it occupies within the food pyramid.

Once the teams have completed the chips, they will cut them in half to be able to separate each of the couples they have formed; then they must go to the other team to give them the chips and that they try to join them correctly, that group will also give them the ones they made and cut.

The activity will be won by the group that manages to unite all the couples first. It should be noted that this activity can also be done using healthy habits or physical activities instead of food.

What will they learn from this activity?

With this activity, primary school students will learn about foods and their characteristics, as well as the reason why they are favorable for health. They will also understand what the relationship of concepts is about, such as using materials for their learning and participating in competitions respecting the rules.

You can find information about the food pyramid HERENutritional pyramid, Get to know it for a good healthy diet!

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